Honda Pioneer 1000/700 Oversized Switch Adapter Honda Pioneer 1000


For 2022+ YM Pioneer 1000 owners looking to install a standard switch at any of the OVERSIZED factory switch holes will quickly find they won't fit. The base model Pioneer 1000 has 4 locations; The Deluxe has 1 location. Or for Trail and Forest owners looking to replace the factory switches in the show locations. 

  • Switch adaptor to replace any OEM switch with a common rocker switch. 
  • Replaces the blank on unit with our correctly fitting adaptors.
  • Remove or Relocate your switches replacing them with common rockers.
  • The factory look gives it a flush and unnoticeable appearance.  
  • Easy to install, just pop's right in for the perfect fit.
  • Designed to fit common Carling Style Rocker Switches.  


Talon R/X:
- Fits the blank beside the Headlight switch. 

Pioneer 1000 Base Model:
- Fits the 4 large blanks or any of the OEM switches. 
--- 3 lower larger switches blanks, 1 blank beside AT/MT

Pioneer 1000 Deluxe, Trail, Forest models:
- Fits to replace any of the OEM switches for common Carling-style rockers.  

Pioneer 700 (2022+)
- Fits to replace the 2 larger switch openings  

No instructions included: 
To install, remove the blank by squeezing from the backside 2 clips on top and bottom. Once removed, insert the adaptor and install your own switch. Done!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Patrick Riselay
Oversized knockouts

Great product!! Fits Great and well made....Thanks!

Grant McCalmant
Great seller

Fast service. Nice product.


Quality product at a reasonable price.

Adam Morgan

Tight fit, took a little excessive force to pop into dash. But works well with normal switches and looks nice.

Michael Moore

Honda Pioneer 1000/700 Oversized Switch Adapter Honda Pioneer 1000