Honda Talon 1000 R/X Quick Switch Connector for OEM Switch Panel Kit.

Honda Talon 1000 R/X Quick Switch Connector for OEM Switch Panel Kit.

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This expands the factory accessory switch kit for the Honda Talon 1000 allowing for super quick and easy wiring for your accessory or relay. 

Just plug it into the OEM plugs on the switch panel kit. Wire up your accessory with the provided pigtail. Then plug into the Quick Switch. Insert your On/Off SPST Carling style switch and you're done. The switch will light up and power with Key-on and is protected by the 50 amp fuse. 

Works with all true carling style switches such as those purchased from

Switch Configurations:


This is for the most common On/Off switch style. It is simple On or Off. The Switch LED's are backlight upon Key-On. Lower is light when the key is on and the upper is light when the switch is in on position. This connector is made for Carling style, SPST, ON/OFF, independent lower led as found here

  • Winch In/Out w/3ft lead. 

This is for your basic winch In/Out switch providing 2 contactor control wires for In/Out operation. The switch is backlight with key-on power. Recommend the following Carling style switch as found here -

Max Load. 
Max load is equal to the max load of the chosen switch. Most Carling switches have a load limit of 20 amps however we highly recommend staying under the 12a range. 


  • Honda Talon 1000 R
  • Honda Talon 1000 X

*Factory Honda Switch Plate system required!
*Switch, switch body and switch rocker not included.

This is our first offering. We will and can produce other styles or configurations upon request. Such as on/off/on, winch in/out, or any common configuration. It is designed to work with a standard ON/OFF switch with independent lower LED