HILLBILLY BRAKE for Honda Pioneer 1000 and Talon X/X4/R Parking Brake / Hill Brake.

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Parking / Hill brake for the Honda Pioneer or Honda Talon. This easily installed brake unit holds the vehicle brakes on when parking on a slope or incline to keep the vehicle weight from binding the transmission. Works great to help prevent movement while trailing your SxS or using a winch.  Add your own 5/16" shank padlock to deter theft while the vehicle is parked. Includes mounting hardware and a link to the installation instructions. The finish on all units is nickel plating (silver finish)

Available for the following (pick model)

  • Honda Pioneer 1000
  • Honda Talon 1000


Customer Reviews

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timothy kennedy

HILLBILLY BRAKE for Honda Pioneer 1000 and Talon X/X4/R Parking Brake / Hill Brake.

Mark Roberts
Great product

Think this is a great product

Tom Parola
Works better than expected

The install is very easy, but it could be a bit difficult for larger people since you have to get your body down in by the brake pedal. Total install took me 10 minutes, 5 of those minutes were getting tools and putting them away. The force to apply is significant, but the braking force is also very significant. I'm very happy with it.

This works like a charm.

I really like this for holding the brakes on steep hill, when trailering, and for locking in storage. With thick fingers I taped one of the nuts to the back of a finger tip to align the nut on the right side to get it started. Quick solid installation. no drilling at all. 5 stars.

John MacDonald
Works great for winching too.

I had a hard time getting it bolted on cause I’m old, big, and fat. 70 years old 6’1” 220lbs. But I got it, I just couldn’t get my shoulders in there with arms extended. Get some one small and limber to help. Once it’s on, it works great, I can stand outside the buggy with the remote now for winching, and parking on hills is no longer a problem. Not much money and really worth it. I sat with my foot on the brake staring down the cable while I pulled a vitara out of a ditch and