Honda Pioneer / Talon 1000 fuel injector wire repair kit. SXS1000


Fuel Injector Wiring seems to be a common issue. With many, the wires will pull right out of the OEM connectors with little effort. Hondas fix is to replace the entire wire harness and that could take months. This kit will help get you back on the trail in a short time. 

This is a custom kit designed in-house by the team. It was developed to help owners with a quick solution to error code 12/13. Kits are guaranteed to last the life of the machine.

Fuel injector repair kit fits the following:

  • Honda Pioneer 1000, All Years
  • Honda Talon, All years
  • Honda Pioneer 700, years 2017+

Kit includes:

  • FI Pigtail as shown.
  • 2 wire crimp w/shrinktubes. (+ 1 spare)
  • 1 large shrink tube. 
  • 1 zip tie. 
  • 1 HondaSxS sticker. 

Crimp connectors are included for a simple fix.  



The chances of both injectors on the Pioneer 1000 being bad are high. Recommend buying two of these to save time and trouble.

Dealer 6 packs are also available!


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Norman Berard
Great fix

Did the trick.

Jason Lambing
Great parts

Easy install. Got me back going thx

Thomas Schmadtke
Hasn’t shipped

Haven’t heard anything about my order and still hasn’t shipped and don’t know what is going on with my order … I order 3 days later and got there order before yours so confused what is going on with your company????

Ordered on a Saturday, shipped that Monday.
Tracking shows no movement for 2 weeks now.
We have re-shipped your item via 2 day UPS.
Tracking was sent to your order email.
Apologize for the shipping issues.

Joe Mounts

Had an issue with my 2019 1000-5 deluxe. Started to die out on me while scouting elkone weekend. Would start right back up and ran great for 30 miles. Next day machine died about 30 times in 8 miles. Got home did some testing,no voltage a forward injector. Called dealer, as it’s till under warranty, gave me a long lead time but said I could fix it myself and not void my warranty. Ordered the kits and got them in 4 days. Fixed it perfectly, runs like a champ again. Saved myself lots of extra walking at elk camp. Thanks, your a lifesaver

James Anderson
12&13 codes

This fixed it right up, thanks to the sxs forum, I was able to find the problem very easily. I asked the dealer about my problem,even talked to a mechanic, they were lost had no clue what it was. Thanks to all on the forum, appreciate it very much, easy fix. Jima1102