NEW - Honda Pioneer 520 / 700 / 1000 Models Plug & Play Signal System


Introducing the TurnPro FULLY Plug & Play Signal Kit that allows our users to incorporate their existing OEM factory tail lights as rear signals!

 Our 2022 redesigned TurnPro Signal Systems not only look the part but is a completely and fully Plug & Play signal system that has absolutely “No Wire Splicing” whatsoever, making this kit a breeze to install! All of our UTV Signal Kits include HTML link to detailed instructions, and video illustrations, Front LED drilling & Rocker templates for ease of installation for your TurnPro Signal Kit product!

 Since 2016 TurnPro Signals has always lead the marketplace with an affordable UTV signal system. With the new features of our newest product, we’ve done the same! From the new selections of rocker switches to the new sleek design, we are confident of our customer's satisfaction! This product has a 1YR warranty from the day it arrives at your doorstep! 
NOTES: This signal kit system uses your OEM factory plug and “DOES NOT” void any factory warranty.

2021 Pioneer 520 (NOT 500)
2022 Pioneer 520 (NOT 500)
2014-22 Pioneer 700 - All models
2016-21 Pioneer - All models
2022 Pioneer 1000 Models
Please Note: Requires LED taillights

• 3) per side 3/4” Amber DOT Approved LED’s for the front of your UTV
• The Sequential LED Bar upgrade will be fastened by 3M Tape (No Holes to Drill)
• Arrow Rocker (Choice of Vertical or Horizontal Arrows)
• Waterproof Flash Relay
• Zip ties.

Additional Options:
• Hazard Option only
• Horn Option only
• Horn + Hazards (combined rocker)
• Upgrade To Smoked LED’s  
• Upgrade To Sequential LED's
• Metal framing LED license Plate Mount NOTE: This option is only available with original purchases. Kit Plug & Play modules are sent out accordingly to options selected at the time of purchase. This feature isn’t available on Plug & Play modules sent without License Plate Power leads. 

* images portray all options. Only options selected will be sent. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
David Novak

Took me the better part of a day because I was meticulous about running the wires to the back and thoroughly securing everything. I used a piece of 12-2 plastic wrapped wire about 30" long as a fish tape and it worked very well. Additionally, adding two switches required me to replace my existing switch plate. The directions weren't spectacular, but they were more than adequate. Quality of the system seems fantastic. Above all, customer service when I had questions was beyond top-notch. Only knock on the product is that the turn signal switch isn't back lit, but that's not so big a deal that I'd knock a star off.

Rob Woollens

awesome kit, well thought out and plenty of wire

Sasha berghausen
Legit Plug-and-Play

This kit was very well designed and the install went 100% smoothly. It took time to route wires carefully, but everything worked and plugged together exactly as indicated. Here are a few tips I learned:

-The rear wiring harness is just long enough to reach near the rear of a 1000-5 under the dump bed if you follow the factory harness closely. So, start this harness deep under the hood (but not so deep it's inconvenient).
-I mounted the horizontal turn indicator switch to the left of the steering wheel, which seems like a logical placement (car signals are on the left). In order to find enough room for the switch, which is pretty bulky on the back side, I had to mount it such that the steering wheel blocks the switch view a bit. No biggie.
-I chose to mount the horn/hazard button to the right of the gauges. There's plenty of room there, easy to access from the back side, but there's not enough slack in the "Y" of wire that serves both the turn signal and the horn switches. I peeled off all the heat-shrink and electrical tape, thinking I could just create a longer "Y" by separating them a little further, but don't do like I did! There's lots of splicing and cross-wiring that's hidden such that this didn't achieve the objective (nor did I want to **** with it and mess things up), so I ended up splicing about a 13" bundle of wires on the horn side, which worked out just fine.
-The switch harnesses can be hard to unplug once installed. So be good and careful about placement and orientation and just do it once. You don't want to do it twice.

Randy Everett
Plug and Play Review

I ordered the Plug and Play turn signals, hazards, horn, and lighted license plate holder for my P1000-5. I will say that the compatibility to my SXS was spot on. Everything matched up perfect and performed as it should. Outside of having to find the best routing, having to use a fish tape to pull wire, and scuffing up my hands and arms getting into those tight spaces it was not too hard. However, I will say that the quality of the product could be better especially when it comes to the plug and play components. DO NOT even think about the slightest tug on the wiring or the wires will come out of the plug and play module. I found out the hard way. I was simply unplugging one of the modules after testing it and as I was wiggling the module loose, I guess my hand put pressure on the wiring and some of the wires came out of the module. It took me about and hour to re-solder, repair, and insert the wiring back into the plug and play module. I'm still not certain how long it will last. I will likely have to purchase a new male and female end to replace at some point. Also, the front turn signal holes probably need to be just a hair smaller than 3/4" . I used a Step Drill bit so I could make sure to have a very tight fit for the rubber grommet. I'm still not sure about my location for the license plate holder because of how the dump bed. I manufactured some "L" brackets and mounted them to the top of the plastic muffler guard and then mounted the plate holder to them. The bumper barely misses the plate holder but the bed still bends it down a little so I'll need some work there. It would be nice if there was a prefab bracket with a location that does not interfere with the dump bed. One last thing, the horn is much better than the one that's in my GMC 1500 Denali LOL. I was very surprised at how loud it was. Overall - I am very pleased with the product and would purchase again.

samuel hancock
its ok.

its ok, main complaint is a "every model" directions. and unclear directions. it does indeed just plug in everywhere but there is alot of extra wire to wind up and ziptie somewhere. For the price better directions and fitment would seem standard. i would buy again. video/directions make it appear to be a 20/30 min install. but if you route the wire with the factory harness and zip tie everything up it takes several hours.