2022 Honda Power ACC pin for Key-on power. Pioneer, Talon

Wire choice

This is a single pin with a wire for the ACC connector dummy plug found on the new 2022+ Honda Pioneer 1000 and the new 2022 Honda Talon 1000. 

Will NOT fit early model machines. 2022+ years ONLY!

Use this to repurpose the dummy plug located under the hood of the new 2022 Honda Pioneer/Talon 1000

Using this will give you key-on power for use. 

Usage ideas. 

  • Winch key power
  • Usb ports
  • Dome light
  • Rock lights. 
  • Small set of LED cubes. 
  • Relay trigger.
  • Stinger trigger.

It is low rating, so use it to trigger a relay or for any accessories under 10 amps. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike Sawyer

Super slick, amazingly easy. Pluc and play. Used to power a 2nd fuse box for accessories from the dual battery setup. Quality product.

Jason Frye

Awesome product, perfect fit and function on 22 pioneer 1000 5 trail

Brittany Prentice
So easy!

Once you have this peice it’s so easy to install anything off it that needs keyed on power

Jordan C.
Could not be simpler.

Great adapter. OEM quality. I ordered this to replace the hack add-a-fuse I had used to run a relay and dual battery volt-meter. The new version of this "pin" now includes the actual plug itself so I didn't even have to re-use the old dummy plug. Like my review title said: could not be simpler. Shipping was quick and communication is great.

2022 Pioneer ACC Pin Works Perfectly

I purchased the pin to apply key on power to rocker switch back lighting and it worked perfectly. The quality of the parts and construction are top notch. Parts were delivered quickly. Thanks!