5 pin MAP sensor connector for Honda Pioneer, Honda Talon. Pigtail or Pin kit.


It's common for the MPA sensor connector to cause problems with many Pioneer models. Mostly, the wire breaks and is non visible. Only once the connector is cut off at the head does the wire fall apart. 

We offer 2 kits now. 

Pigtail kit will be 6 inches of 18 awg wire as shown. All wires will be black as factory colors vary between models. 

Pin kit is just the connector with loose pins as shown. You must be able to properly crimp these small pins.

Fits the following. 

  • Pioneer 1000
  • Pioneer 700.
  • Honda Talon.
  • Pioneer 500.

Wire colors will vary. Message us if you need assistance in aligning colors to pin location.

Note only 4 wires are used for most models.. Cut and/or tape off the 5th wire if unused. 

Contact us if you are unable to match factory wire color to pin and we will see what we can do to help. 


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P500 MAP 5pin sensor plug

Quality product and great customer service!! They went the extra mile to assist with the proper installation!!