ACC Socket Independent W/ KEY-ON Pigtails. Honda Pioneer 500, 700, 1000 / Talon 1000


This kit lets you change how your ACC "cigarette" socket works. You can directly power the socket or re-route the power to a second battery. You can also wire it directly to a battery for constant power or charging with jump boxes or trickle chargers that utilize this type of plug. 

SET - The set is both Male and Female. Buy the set if you want to use the factory key-on wires for something, say for a relay, and also re-route the CIG socket to another source.  

FEMALE - Pigtail for the ACC Socket.
Used to provide Independent power to the ACC "cig" socket. For example, you want this to be a direct connection to your battery or run it to your fuse box. 

MALE - Pigtail for the wire harness.
This plugs into the factory harness and gives KEY-ON power with a ground. 
This can be used for a variety of things. Use it for Key-ON relay control. Winch contactor control, small draw accessories.

Max load, 10-15amps shared with backup alarm port pulled from the ACC fuse. 

Both pigtails have a 3ft lead.


  • Honda Talon 1000 X/R/LV all years.
  • Honda Pioneer 1000 3/5 all years. 
  • Honda Pioneer 700 2/4 all years. 
  • Honda Pioneer 500 all years. 

Install: These install at the ACC plug by unplugging the factory harness and switching up its configuration with these pigtails. One connector is for the ACC socket, and the other is for the factory wire harness. 


Looking for something different? 

We can build many configurations for your needs. Shoot us a message to open up a discussion. 


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Carlisle C.

Great Service Thanks

Brad P.

Great looking harness!! Very well put together. Fast shipping.