Pre-Wired Relay Control Switch for AUX and Key-on usage. For Stinger, Cole Hersee or any.

Pre-Wired control switch and harness for large relays such as a Stinger, Cole Hersee, or any high AMP relay. 

This harness was designed to simplify the installation of a control switch for the secondary accessory system (fuse box). Kit allows you to run key-off AUX power upon demand, unit off, or key-on. Its job is to control the relay that sits between the battery and fuse box. Such as a Stinger relay. This can be used on a single or dual-battery system where the owner wishes for further control of the relay. 

Kit includes a fused constant line as well as an important snubber diode that protects the circuit. The yellow wire is to be hooked to any key-on power source as a trigger point which usually only requires low mA bandwidth. 

The rocker switch is 3 functions:
AUX = Key OFF usage. 
OFF = Unit is Off
KEY-ON = Unit is only ON when the key is ON. 

The included rocker switch is backlit with each option. This means when it is ON that option is lit, if it is OFF then the switch is not lit.   


  • 3-way switch - ON / OFF / KEY-ON
  • Carling brand rocker switch. 
  • Snubber Diode Protection. 
  • Fused Constant.
  • AUX - Key-Off usage 
  • OFF - Unit is off. 
  • KEY-ON - On with ignition
  • Simplified wiring for a clean install.  

To install:
Simply hook the small eyelets to the 2 small posts on the relay. The extra included ground wire needs to be grounded. The large fused hoop line must go to the battery HOT side of the relay. The yellow line needs to be wired to the machine's ACC key-on circuit.


  • Universal - Any unit with a relay system. 

INSTRUCTIONS - https://hondasxs.com/threads/34964/

Be advised, this is a new item for us as of July 2023. 
We welcome any feedback, positive or negative, or any improvements or changes.  
Please reach out to us if you have any issues as we need some user feedback. 


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Robert U.
Relay control harness

Top quality gear, as always from the club store. Very happy with it.