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Specification :

Working voltage: DC 12-24V
Rated voltage: 12V 20A / 24V 10A
Switch operation: On-Off
Operating at 12 Volts: max power rating of 600W
Operating at 24 Volts: max power rating of 1200W
Max current: 60A
Operating temperature: -40¬įC ~ +105¬įC
Waterproof rating: IP65


‚Ė∂8 Gang Switch Panel

  • 8 Gang on-off control switch panel.¬†It allows you to control up to 8 different LED lights or devices. Command all your vehicle accessories by the tap of your finger.¬†
  • Green¬†Backlight.¬†Adopt¬†capacitive sensing technology with¬†green indicator light display.¬†Waterproof IP65, high sensitivity, stability and strong anti-interference ability.
  • Backlight brightness automatic dimmable.¬†The switch backlights will automatically be at full brightness in daylight and other bright places for easy visibility. At night or in tunnel,¬†the switch panel backlights will automatically dim to reduce the impact on the driver's vision.
  • Safety protection.¬†Built-in resettable fuse, reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection.¬†The fuse adapter make it easy to connect the control box to the vehicle's fuse box without cutting, splicing or damaging the original wiring in the vehicle.
  • Customize your own switch panel¬†with universal stickers.¬†Use the provided switch labels to indicate what‚Äôs connected to that switch.¬†
‚ėÖ¬†If you need additional stickers, please purchase SKU: QP009375,¬†
  • With¬†2¬†types of mounting brackets, you can¬†mount the panel in the best location for your vehicle, such as the dash panel, center console, overhead sunglasses holder, etc.
  • Universal fitment.¬†Widely use for Truck, Boat, Car, Bus, Off-road, Powersports, Marine, ATV, UTV, SUV, Side by Side,¬†SxS, Heavy-duty machines, etc.
‚Ė∂47 Inch Extension Cable
  • There is a 4-pin aviation video cable, a cable for transmitting video and power.
  • It is widely used in truck / Trailer/Bus / Motorhome / long-distance Parking Aid, and connected with vehicle monitoring CCTV system.
  • Compatible products: professional CCTV / monitor 4-pin connector monitor, rearview camera, DVD player TV box.
  • Power input DC 12V - DC 24V.
  • Specially thick hard wire 100% provides super protection against EMI interference and RF interference such as automotive circuit interference.
‚Ė∂120 Universal Stickers
120 Universal Stickers works with QP008526(AR-800), QP002559(BA80), QP002983(GA80), QP006231(GB80), QP006232(BB80), QP006237(BC60), QP006238(GC60)

    Package Included :

    1 Set of 8 Gang on-off Control Switch Panel
    1*Extension Cable (OPTIONAL)
    1pcs*120 Universal Stickers(OPTIONAL)
    1*Waterproof Silicone Cover(OPTIONAL)

    Installation GuideÔľö

    * Total power will go to 600w at 12V, 1200W at 24V and the maximum current is 60A.
    The maximum output current of circuit 1 & 2 is 30A, the maximum output current of circuit 3-8 is 20A.
    * The recommended connection method is gradually decreasing the current
    from circuit 1 to circuit 8.
    * Make sure all the lamps are connected before connecting the power cable.

    Guideline for connecting the red control cables:

    The red cable connects the master switch power cable to the ACC.If you want to light up the LED lamps before the car start-up, please connect the recommended because the higher the power is, the more the power of the battery will be consumed.

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