Custom 8 spot switch panel for Devin

Custom 8 spot switch panel for Devin


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Do not buy unless discussed. 

Honda Pioneer 1000-5 (not LE)

  • 8 spot switch pane. (6 + 2 round)
  • Top row in order
    • Aux.  Panel power - ON, OFF, Key-On
    • Light Bar (15a max)
    • Extra switch (15a max)
    • Round Voltmeter reading panel power as voltage. 
  • Bottom row
    • Winch In/Out
    • Plow Left/Right
    • Extra switch (15a max)
    • Round dual USB ports. 
  • Switch colors BLUE
  • Fuse/Relay box. 
  • All wiring for accessories
  • Winch contactor wires
  • Plow contactor wires
  • pigtail connectors for accessories. 

All clean and easy to install. 

Panel AUX switch will power ONLY the panel. Accessory power will come from the fuse box main connection. The voltmeter will read from panel power AUX switch. 

AUX will work in this method. 
Up will be always on. This will be powered via the fuse box. 
the middle is off. 
Down will be OEM power. This will be the primary battery and is Key-On. 

Will add a 50a resettable fuse. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks build time.