DENALI 72" Snow Plow Polyurethane Wearbar

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DENALI UTV 72″ Snow Plow Blade Polyurethane Wearbar 

• 72″ (W) x 4″ (H) x 1″ (D) 

• High Flexibility: Will not bend or break with impact damage reduction on road surfaces and trucks, even at -35° 
• Extended Work-Life: Better wearing properties than UHMW. Outlasts rubber by up to 10 times and steel by up to 5 times.  Lower maintenance costs,  increased productivity and profits 
• Non-Damaging to Surfaces: Cutting edge will not damage Brick/Cobblestone, Stamped Concrete or Asphalt, Paver Stones, Parking Lots, Curbs, Speed Bumps, or Manhole Covers like steel bars
• Less Equipment Wear: Due to the higher vibration absorption property of polyurethane 
• Benefits of Polyurethane Over Rubber Cutting Edges: Polyurethane memory bounces back to its original shape after impact. Rubber holds its flexed shape, severely reducing efficiency and work life 

Kit Contents: 
• 72″ Polyurethane Wearbar 
• Mounting Hardware