DIY - I4wd Delete/Bypass wire kit for HONDA TALON TORQ LOCKER!


This is a simple DIY wire harness needed to build your own I4wd override/delete systems for a fraction of the cost. 

If you have the Talon TORQ LOCKER you need this product to ensure the computer i4wd system does not interfere with your machine and put it into i4wd limp mode. 

This DIY kit can be made to function just like any other I4wd delete/override kit on the market. Minus the common off/on control switch, it is 100% the same function.  

This is the ONLY kit on the market that will work with SWITCH-PRO, AUXBEAM, or other computer control switch systems. Simply assign it to an off/on circuit just like you would an LED light bar. 

At 12v, it required 2.4 amps.

Kit includes

  • 1 - 5ft wire with diff wire connector
  • 1 - dummy plug for factory harness. 

WIRE LAYOUT for this product. 

  • RED - Supply 12v to engage the 4x4 clutch
  • BLACK - Needs Ground to complete the circuit. 

Instructions are not provided with this wire harness because it is a DIY kit and as simple as plugging it into the green connector by the 4x4 front diff clutch. The user end will be bare wires. Black Red. Use a common ON/OFF switch to control the clutch. Black wire to Ground, Red to positive 12v. Dont forget to install the dummy plug to seal up the factory harness wires. 

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