DOME LIGHT Rocker Switch - SPST - ON/OFF switch


  • SPST ON/OFF switch.
  • OTR Carling switch. 
  • Upper LED is ON when the upper part of the rocker is ACTIVATED.  This will light up the symbol area.
  • Lower LED is independently wired. If connected this will light up the text area.
  • Rated 20A 12V
  • No rear barriers between terminals.
  • Insulated 1/4" female quick disconnect terminals can also be used. 
  • This is a 5 terminal switch
  • Wire Diagram

O-Rings installed on the LED and the center shaft to seal out water, dust, and debris.  Certified to IP68 for front panel components of the actual switch only.  

The switch mounting hole - .830 by 1.45 inches.