Dual Battery Consolation Service.

With this service, we will provide private consolation to help you install your dual battery system. We will walk you through each step as needed ensuring it is hooked up and working. 

This service includes private help installing the following items: 

  • Battery Isolator
  • Volt meter
  • Fuse box
  • Power relay for the fuse box.
  • Help to install one (1) basic* accessory to the fuse box. 

Service includes: 

  • Initial phone call.
  • Unlimited email assistance.
  • Unlimited chat assistance via Facebook messenger or other. 
  • Phone text assistance. 
  • Final follow-up phone call. 

 Phone calls will be scheduled with both parties' availability taken into consideration. 

Product links:

TrueAM Isolator
Fuse box
80 amp relay
Rocker switches

This is not a 24/7/365 service however we will try out best to accommodate your timeline.  

 *We consider a "basic accessory" one that does not require an additional relay to operate. This accessory is limited to a 10-amp workload. A winch is not a basic accessory. 

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