Harness accessory seat belt override bypass kit - Honda PIONEER 1000 & 700

With Dummy Plug?

Used when installing an aftermarket safety harness. This unit bypasses the standard seatbelt limiter instated by the manufacturer. 

Simple plug and play leave the OEM system intact allowing easy reversal if the safety harnesses are ever removed. 

  • Plug n Play for Easy Install.
  • Dummy plug to protect female plug. (if included)
  • Bypasses Seat belt Control when installing Seat Belt Harness.
  • Plugs into SxS Harness, No Wiring Required!
  • Made in the USA!


  • Seat belt plug
  • Dummy plug (kit only)
  • 1 zip tie.  (kit only)

  • Plug only option does not include the dummy plug or zip tie.


  • Honda Pioneer 1000-3 All models!
  • Honda Pioneer 1000-5 All models!
  • Honda Pioneer 700-2 All models!
  • Honda Pioneer 700-4 All models!



The purchase of this item is an agreement that you have installed and will always wear your safety harness in place of the OEM standard seatbelt.

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