HILLBILLY BRAKE for Honda Pioneer 1000 and Talon X/X4/R Parking Brake / Hill Brake.

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Parking / Hill brake for the Honda Pioneer or Honda Talon. This easily installed brake unit holds the vehicle brakes on when parking on a slope or incline to keep the vehicle weight from binding the transmission. Works great to help prevent movement while trailing your SxS or using a winch.  Add your own 5/16" shank padlock to deter theft while the vehicle is parked. Includes mounting hardware and a link to the installation instructions. The finish on all units is nickel plating (silver finish)

Available for the following (pick model)

  • Honda Pioneer 1000
  • Honda Talon 1000


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Leo Bunker
Hillbilly brake park brake

Installation was simple and its use when stopped on a steep slope takes the load off of the park position which would sometimes strain the shifter. It should be helpful when using the winch. Simple and effective.

Douglas Pitts

Easy to install. Works as promised.

Rob Woollens

used the winch last weekend didnt hold as well as i thought it would. is there an adjustment? otherwise works good

There is slight adjustment by turning it down some. But if your Talon is loosing pressure once locked, then there are other issues you need to look into with your braking system.

Chase Gilbert
Simple Yet Very Effective

I bought this brake for the peace of mind while hauling and parked on an incline. It was a simple install and works very well. Also makes it harder to steal too. Should have been there from the factory.

Robert Bielak
Does the job!

Easy install, easy to operate, easy to lock. What more else is there to say? :)