Honda Pioneer 500 Frame Caps / Plugs, Protect frame with this 8 cap set.

From Factory Honda chose to NOT to caps on most of the frame tubing. This has caused some concern with new owners who have begun to see RUST build inside these tubes. Others quickly find them full of MUD and debris from use a heavy ride spending hours washing it just give up and forget it. 

These plugs will help add a layer of protection to the inner tubing from collecting that unwanted mud.

  • These will fit all years of the Honda Pioneer 500 SXS500M
  • Help keep MUD and DIRT out!
  • Gives your Pioneer a CLEAN LOOK!
  • 8 plastic caps total.

Includes the following 8 caps:

  • 2 square caps for the rear frame by the hitch. 
  • 4 round caps the rear tubes. 
  • 2 rectangular caps for the back side of the main frame. 

READ - NOTICE: These caps will not seal up the tubes. Honda has drilled too many weep holes. Water will still enter. We advised you prep your tubes for closure. Give it a good cleaning and treat the inside with some type of rust protection or paint.

This kit is built for the Pioneer 500 SxS. 
We also sell wheel caps for thr 500 and caps for the Pioneer 700