Honda Pioneer 700 Fan Override Switch

Honda Pioneer 700 Fan Override Switch

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Fan override kit for a Honda Pioneer 700.

This kit allows the user to turn on the radiator fan upon demand thus overriding the automatic setting from factory.

Be confident the fan is operating with this fan override kit!


  • Plug-n-Play fan override switch. 
  • 1 modified sealed rocker switch, Blue LED's. 
  • Pre-wired rocker switch.

Easy Installation: 

  • Unplug OEM fan connector.
  • Plug in the kit T-Harness inline. 
  • Route wires to the dash/switch panel.
  • Connect the plug into the switch. 
  • Connect the green wire to a solid ground point. 

Switch backlights:

Bottom is on when key is on. Top is on when fan is on, manual or auto. 


Note: This item may include a modified rocker switch which may be modified for reverse polarity to operate as a negetive switch. It will be marked if so. 

*This kit DOES NOT work with the Pioneer 1000. 

* if sold out. Shoot us a message to inquire. We can also build any custom wire kit for all your needs. Thanks.