Honda Talon 1000 Oversized Switch Adapter for Live Valve Blank! Talon 1000, X, R, X4

New Item. 

For Honda Talon Owners looking to install a standard switch at any of the OVERSIZED factory switch holes. Most noticeable is the unused blank spot between the steering column and the headlight switch.  

  • Switch adaptor to replace any OEM switch with a common rocker switch. 
  • Replaces the blank on units without the Live Valve System.
  • Remove or Relocate your switches replacing them with common rockers.
  • The factory look gives it a flush and unnoticeable appearance.  
  • Easy to install, just pop's right in for the perfect fit.
  • Designed to fit common Carling Style Rocker Switches.  


No instructions included: 
To install, remove the lower steering cover by removing the 4 push clips holding it to the dash. Reach inside and remove the blank by squeezing the clips. Once removed, insert the adaptor and reinstall the steering cover. Done!

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