Honda Talon 1000 Reverse Ground Trigger Wire Harness!

Honda Talon 1000 Reverse Ground Trigger Wire Harness!

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Full description coming soon!

Product is ready. 

2 options.

  • Ground trigger wire only. Great DIY kit. 
  • Or pigtails with a short positive lead. 



This kit only provides a single ground trigger wire. This is for the DIY owner who wants more flexibility with this trigger point. 


This harness kit is for the user who wants simple. Hook up the red lead to 12v, wire in your standalone accessory to the provided pigtail, such as a small led light, and you're done. Light will come on whenever the unit is in reverse. 


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Item info:

This wire kit will provide a single ground wire to be used as a ground trigger to activate a relay or power a small draw accessory such as an auto backup alarm or auto backup light. The recommended working load is under 6 amps. 

More info coming soon once final design and instructions are put together. 

*No instructions are currently included. Please see the link above. We need some help if anyone would be willing to make some install instructions for us!