Honda Talon Power Harness - Verison B- Blue Plug Fits Horn Socket!


New product for the Honda Talon 1000 R and Talon 1000 X, x4, LV

This Key-On Power Harness for the Honda Talon provides 12v positive and ground for your light-duty power needs. Most common use will be for custom switch panel use as KEY-ON control wire and common for switch backlights. 

  • 6" pigtail or 3ft leads.
  • positive key-on triggered.
  • Ground wire.
  • Plug-n-play
  • No cutting or splicing of the OEM harness required. 

Use this Key-On Accessory wire to run the following. 

  • Horn
  • Winch control wire. 
  • USB ports
  • Dome light
  • Switch backlighting. 
  • Relays
  • As a Key On trigger. 


  • Honda TALON 1000 R / RD live valve
  • Honda TALON 1000 X / XD live valve
  • Honda Talon X4 / X4D live valve


10A max combined load shared between this port and the ACC (CIG) power scoket. 

Why is it called "Version B"?

The B is for BLUE. As in it plugs into the blue plug under the hood. 

Is there a version A? 

While it's not called version A there is another style of Key-on wire harness that provides a single 12v positive. Check it out here -->


Product design updated Jan 20, 2020

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