Honda Talon TrueAm UTV-SBI-CK UTV Dual Battery Kit Isolator

Item number: TALON-SBI-CK

Suggested retail price $103.95

TALON UTV Dual Battery Connecting Kit

Specifically designed for the Honda Talon, this kit utilizes the pre-ran power wires found on all Honda Talon 1000's.

A quick and simple connection kit featuring the latest generation and physically redesigned UTV Isolator (UTV-SBI-18).  A fully automatic Smart Battery Isolator product featuring PEP®.

The TALON-SBI-CK includes

  • 1-UTV-SBI-18 with insulators and 3M Dual Lock™
  • 1-12 inch red (primary) cable with 6mm (1/4″) lugs
  • Instructions