HVG 6 Pin Male & Female Plug Connector Set for Honda UTV, SxS, ATV. Wire connector with Terminals and seals.

Pack Size

Replacement connector plugs as shown. Commonly found in most Honda ATV's and UTV's. These kits are a factory replacement for damaged plugs or wires. 

Or create your own waterproof, factory looking, connection with this kit. 

Kit includes

  • 1 Male and 1 Female connector
  • 6 male terminals
  • 6 male terminals
  • 12 wire seals

This connector is used at the following locations

  • Pioneer - Rear tail light wire harness
  • Talon - Rear tail light wire harness

Pigtail service is an 18AVG, 6-inch pigtail for both M&F connector. Wire colors will very. 

*Seal colors may vary.