KEY-ON POWER Harness for Honda Talon 1000 X, R, X4, and LV

Quick and easy KEY ON Accessory power source for your Honda Pioneer. 

  • No Splicing of wires.
  • No Tapping of wires. 
  • 3ft lead easily reaches anywhere under the hood. 

This kit plugs inline with OEM harness and provides a 12v positive lead. 

Use this Key-On Accessory wire to run the following. 

  • Winch control wire. 
  • USB ports
  • Dome light
  • Switch backlighting. 
  • Relays
  • As a Key On trigger. 

Max Amps
Recommend no more than 8 amps max load. This circuit belongs to the 10a ACC fuse circuit and is split between the accessory (cig) plug and the backup alarm/light port. 


  • Honda Talon 1000 X/R/X4/LV
  • Honda Pioneer 1000-3
  • Honda Pioneer 1000-5
  • Honda Pioneer 700-2
  • Honda Pioneer 700-4
  • Honda Pioneer 500
  • Honda Forman ATV's. 2015+