Pioneer 1000, accessory switch wire harness conversion kit.

Pigtail Length

New Product transitions the factory switches found in the new 2022+ Pioneer 1000 deluxe models to work as you would expect. 

From the factory, these switches are dead, unconnected, and lacking. Honda provides no power or accessories to connect to these. They do NOT rely on or connect to the factory fuse box in any manner. Ultimately, they are useless. Even many dealers don't understand how they work. 


Our kit converts these 3 connections to make them function as most expect they should. 

After installation and proper power hookup, you can then just wire up your accessories directly to the included pigtails. 

Keyed power on a 10a fuse is recommended. Such as to a secondary fuse box. 
Constant power can be used but is not recommended.
The factory ACC connector can be used; however is not recommended for such loads. 


  • Harness + 6" Pigtails.
  • Harness + 3ft Pigtails. 
  • Blank ends to install into your own fuse box. 
  • Inline fuse if you wish for direct constant power. 
  • GT connector. This is if you installed the 2022 Honda add-on fuse box.
  • ACC key-on connector to hook to the port above the primary battery. 


Pioneer 1000-3, Deluxe/Trail 2022+
Pioneer 1000-5, Deluxe/Trail 2022+
Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe 2023+

* DO NOT REUSE THE WHITE LOOPS. Installing these will short the circuit. 
* The Honda Service manual says each switch is limited to 3 amp max load. 

Trail models with a single switch are now available. These can also be used on the other models as a single controller. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jack M.
Exactly what’s needed

Excellent product. Thought I had a dead wire, contacted Hondasxs and they expressed a replacement. Found out it was Honda’s fault, they installed a bad switch. Will buy from Hondasxs again. Excellent customer service.

Randall B.
All they said it was.

I made a phone call to Honda SxS to confirm what I thought I needed. The person I talked to knew more about what I was asking about than I did. He asked me question that I was able to answer and he was able to tell me excatly what I needed. (And even had more info that I could use but I wasn’t ready for that much info. LOL)
When the pigtails and power harne came in they worked just like he told me they would. He also had gave me some guidance how to install which was very helpful. They know more about my Honda Pioneer 1000-6 than any of my local Honda dealerships (4) I have talked to about the wiring and switches. 110% + satisfied.

Brad K.

Pioneer 1000, accessory switch wire harness conversion kit.

Timmy S.

Very happy with my product

John L.
Great product

It is exactly as depicted. Shipping was on time.