Pioneer 1000, accessory switch wire harness conversion kit.


New Product transitions the factory switches found in the new 2022+ Pioneer 1000 deluxe models to work as you would expect. 

From the factory, these switches are dead, unconnected, and lacking. Honda provides no power or accessories to connect to these. They do NOT rely on or connect to the factory fuse box in any manner. Ultimately they are useless. Even many dealers don't understand them. 


Our kit converts these 3 connections to make them function as most expect they should. 

After installation and proper power hookup, you can then just wire up your accessories direct to the included pigtails. 

Keyed power on a 10a fuse is recommended. Such as to a secondary fuse box. 
Constant power can be used but is not recommended.
The factory ACC connector can be used however is not recommended for such loads. 


  • Harness NO Pigtails.  - Reuse the short factory loops. 
  • Harness + 6" Pigtails.
  • Harness + 3ft Pigtails.  
  • ADD GT connector to power hookup ends that fit the new 2022 OEM fuse box. 


Pioneer 1000-3, Deluxe/Trail 2022+
Pioneer 1000-5, Deluxe/Trail 2022+
Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe 2023+

* When reusing the short factory white loops. You must cut the white wires to create your own short pigtails. Installing them without cutting the loops will short the circuit. 

* Honda Service manual says each switch is limited to 3 amp max load. 

Trail models with a single switch are available upon request. Message us to order. 


Customer Reviews

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Billy Graves
Update on a too hasty review

This harness is a good product for the pioneer extra switches. Just make sure you don’t put the white loop wire caps on the harness ends it will burn your switches up if they get turned on.

Yes, You cant do that, it will short the circuit. We will work on adding notes to ensure users do not do this.

Billy Graves
No good

Hook it up and burned up all three of my switches. I must have gotten a bad one.

Please email us. I would like more info on this. Richard@hondasxs.com
Our concern is load limits may have not been aheared to as this is our first issue.
We take our products seriously. I wish to get this harness back to inspect it for defects.
We will also be issuing a full refund and would like to help get it resolved.

Jonathan Bafundi
Pioneer 1000, accessory switch wire harness conversion kit.

Works great and super easy to install. It’s a must have. Support person was very helpful.

Daniel Edwards

Easy to install worked perfectly I can use the three factory switches now without putting holes in the dash for toggle switches.

Eric Olson
Great product and support

This product enables my factory switches to operate. I had a small wiring error on my part and I reached out for support within 20 minutes had a response and guided me in the correct direction. I recommend these products!