Pioneer 1000 Fan T-Harness DIY Fan Override! On/Off/Auto. (2016-2021)

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Honda Pioneer 1000 DIY Fan Override T-Harness. 

This T-Harness gives you the ability to rig up your own fan control switch. Wire it to come on upon demand, turn off upon demand, or keep factory auto mode. No need to splice your factory wires. Just unplug the factory fan harness and plug in this T-Harness to gain access to fan control. No cutting of the OEM harness is required. 

You must provide your own switch and power management system. Fues and relays. 


  • PIONEER 1000-3/5, (2016-2021). 
  • PIONEER 1000-3/5/6, (2022-23)

* WILL NOT WORK with the Pioneer 700, Pioneer 500 or Talon models.

Wire Identification: 

Red wire leads to the fan. Apply 12v and the fan will come on. 

The blue wire is incoming from the factory auto fan relay. 

2 ways to wire it up. 

On, Auto - Combine both the blue and red together to create a Fan Override keeping factory auto mode. Use a On/off switch to send 12v to the fan. In this mode without the use of a relay, the swirch may illuminate anytime the fan is on from auto mode. 

On, Off, On Auto - Wire the red and blue seperterly using a on/off/on switch to have 3 choices. The red wire should be the demand lead. The blue wire is a supply. A 12v line will need to be a supply also. 

Note: Factory fan operation recomends the use of a relay with no less then 15A fuse.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shawn Findlay
Fan override

Very convenient to have cause my pioneer would not take the update on the ecm

Thomas Palliser
Great product

Good service and a good product.

Jarod Wood
Simple install

Very easy to install, took me 15 minutes to install and wire to pre-existing switch.