Honda Talon 3rd Brake Light Pigtail

Honda Talon 3rd Brake Light Pigtail



We are still looking for a 1 or 2 more people to test this product. 

Contact us if interested. We want to know what you used or for and some pics. 

Plug-n-play pigtail for rear or brake light power. Simple tools install. Simpley push out the tail light, unplug, plug in the connector, and your ready to wire up your accessory. 

  • Use to install a 3rd brake light.
  • Use to power whip lights.
  • Use to power licenses plate.
  • Use to build your own turn single kit. 

Provides 3 wires. 

  • Ground - Green
  • Taillight - Black
  • Brakes - Red

Super easy tools install. 

This is a simple DIY item.