TEST - Talon Add-A-Light!, High Beam LED Light Bar for Honda Talon 1000.

The simplest way to add a light bar to your Honda Talon 1000. 

When your High Beams are on the LED light bar is also on. Switch back to low beams and the light bar cuts off. 

FITS the OEM front bumper, SE bumper, and Aluminium bumper. 
  • No switch to install.
  • No wires to cut or clamp.
  • No battery to connect
  • No second battery needed.
  • No tools needed!
  • High beam ON
  • Low beam OFF
  • Plug it in and DONE! 

This is a custom LED light bar kit made to work off your Honda Talon 1000's high beam.

  • 12", Super Bright 72w LED light bar. 
  • 15000LM Flood Spot Beam Combo
  • Flood, Spot Combo pattern.
  • Mounts to the oem bumper tube. 
  • Wire harness for light bar.

Kit includes. 

  • 12" LED light bar
  • Wire harness. 
  • 4 zip ties. 
  • .... 
  • 1 HondaSxS.com sticker.

The harness is made in the USA by 2FarOffRoad LLC.