TrueAm UTV-SBI-19L Smart LITHIUM Isolator for UTVs


The UTV-SBI-LCM features:

  • The ONLY 100% UTV designed Battery Isolator available w/PEP Lithium Only
  • For LITHIUM Batteries
  • At least one of your batteries should be Lithium
  • 3M Dual Lock mounting (no screws needed)
  • Industry's simplest installation
  • Brand: True Amalgamated
    Manufacturer Part Number: UTV-SBI-19L
    Special Features: For Lithium Batteries
    Vehicle Service Type: Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki, John Deere, Yamaha, ALL brand of UTV, ATV, motorcycle, PWC, Outboard motors and lower amperage output charging devices (Under 70 amps)

The UTV-SBI-19L is designed specifically to function with the new 13+ volt Lithium batteries and stator type charging mechanisms. At least one of your batteries should be Lithium to benefit from the product's unique PEP.

Lithium batteries are a different type of battery with advanced attributes that require unique management programming to maintain those attributes. The lithium batteries available for this industry are NOT 12 volt batteries but rather 13+ volt batteries and need an isolator programmed to deal with this and other attributes that may not be so obvious. We’ve taken the time and done the research and testing and are pleased to announce the just released UTV specific Lithium Dual Battery Connect and Monitor Kit.

This kit provides you with the absolute best charge management of your Lithium accessory battery while protecting your primary battery for starting. This kit features a NEW single voltmeter with dual blue displays. This shock/waterproof volt meter allows real-time monitoring of the charge state of your batteries.

All True kits feature the industries only fully adhesive sealed 100% waterproof cables. These kits allow for two types of mounting. 3M Dual Lock fastener or leave suspended in cables. Unmatched quality and performance from True Amalgamated. There are currently no other Isolators on the market designed to work efficiently with Lithium batteries.

This unit allows the combining of Lithium with the other types of vehicle batteries without compromising those valuable lithium attribute