TrueAm UTV-SBI-18CM UTV Dual Battery Isolator Kit

Battery Type

The UTV-SBI-CM kit includes:

  • 1-UTV-SBI-18 with insulators and 3M Dual Lock™
  • 1-12 inch #6 black cable with 6mm (1/4″) lugs
  • 1-12 inch #6 red (primary) cable with 6mm (1/4″) lugs
  • 1-18 inch #6 red (secondary) cable with 6mm (1/4″) lugs
  • NOW featuring a NEW 36mm Single Meter Dual Display blue LED volt meter
  • on/off relay and socket
  • 8ft duplex wire with connectors for meters
  • Instructions

  • Trouble shooting guide



The Lithium (UTV-SBI-19L) version is designed specifically to function with the new 13+ volt Lithium batteries and stator type charging mechanisms. At least one of your batteries should be Lithium to benefit from the products unique PEP.

Lithium batteries are a different type of battery with advanced attributes that require unique management programming to maintain those attributes. The lithium batteries available for this industry are NOT 12 volt batteries but rather 13+ volt batteries and need an isolator programmed to deal with this and other attributes that may not be so obvious.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Randy Klohn
TrueAm Isolator Kit

Quality kit with good instructions. I added two fuse blocks (one switched and one hot) plus a positive bus bar, so it required extra wire and fittings. Very pleased with the installation so far!

Sam Hovda
High quality but incomplete

Everything was as advertised but I wish the battery leads were longer and not finished. I ended up making most of my own and using what I could for adding the fuse box.

Brad Lano

It works great very easy to install.
Once I found the other end of the winch wire that was taped off behind the battery relay.

Lithium aux battery install

Gave it two stars. The other night the volt meter was showing charging 30 volts on the aux lithium battery.

Shoot us a message and we can get you a replacement. We also have this available in different colors too. Thanks.

Rex Blaine
Dual Battery Isolator

Quick shipping and easy to install, good instructions, works great.