TurnPro Honda Deluxe Signal System Honda Pioneer 700, Pioneer 1000

TurnPro Honda Deluxe Signal System Honda Pioneer 700, Pioneer 1000


Pioneer Model

Take advantage of the New TurnPro Honda Plug & Play Option! No hard wire / or splicing in the rear of your machine with this option! Simply run our Completely Plug & Play Harness, Connect our New Plug & Play box in the rear of your Honda 700/700-4/1000/1000-5 LE Unit, Plug in your Rocker & Relay and your done! Everything labeled makes this install the easiest of kits we offer!

TurnPro Indicating Rocker illuminates when your turn signal is activated therefore flashing in sync with your signals letting you know your signals are on. *Horizontal & Vertical Arrows included*

Replaces the 6 Included Ambers LED's with Smoked LED's

Upgrade your hazard rocker to the new TurnPro Lighted Hazard Rocker Switch! Hazard Rocker illuminates Red when engaged flashing in sync with your 4 way hazards.

Customizations Total: +$0.00


Deluxe Integrated w/Converter Signal Kit

  • includes 6X Amber LED Signals
  • Flash Relay
  • Heavy Duty Turn Toggle
  • Trailer Harness Hookup
  • Converter Box
  • Zip Ties
  • Instructions

Standard Kit Starting @  $129.99

Upgrade options include:

  • Hazards + Add a Circuit
  • Hazards + Horn
  • Hazards + Horn + Add a circuit
  • Green or Amber Indicating Rocker Switch
  • Smoked LED’s

Every Kit Includes an Installation Video Link & Full Detailed Instructions 

Please Note: This kit does require splicing into your factory rear light sub-harness. **THIS DOES NOT VOID ANY WARRANTY on your machine** Just simply doesn't cover the replacement factory sub-harness, which is under $30.

*This item is excluded from all discount codes.