TrueAm UTV-SBI-18 Dual Battery Isolator with PEP

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UTV Break through!!!

TrueAm has just introduced a new battery isolation product for the UTV marketplace.  Developed from years of interaction with, and feedback from, UTV owners worldwide we are proud to introduce the completely new TRUE  UTV-SBI-18.  This is the first and only Smart Battery Isolator designed from the ground up exclusively to meet the demanding needs of the UTV marketplace.

The TRUE  UTV-SBI-18 has been designed for efficiency focusing on every aspect of installation and operation on today’s stator based electrical systems.  It is designed with TrueAm’s  PEP® programming which insures you maximum efficiency and battery attribute protection.  It is:

  • Smaller
  • Smarter
  • Stronger
  • More durable with stud placement that allows for simple easy connection.

Specifically designed to leave suspended or mount to any flat clean surface (even the battery case) with the included 3M Dual Lock™ or any other surface with the included screws.  The consumers have spoken and we listened.



Lithium batteries are a different type of battery with advanced attributes that require unique management programming to maintain those attributes.  The lithium batteries available for this industry are NOT 12 volt batteries but rather 13+ volt batteries and need an isolator programmed to deal with this and other attributes that may not be so obvious.  We’ve taken the time and done the research and testing and are pleased to announce the just released UTV specific LITHIUM Dual Battery Connecting Kit that features the True UTV-SBI-19L smart battery isolator for Lithium Batteries built from the ground up for stator charging mechanisms. This kit provides you with the absolute best charge management of your Lithium accessory battery while protecting your primary battery for starting.