Viper ATV/UTV Line Stopper


These durable VIPER ATV / UTV Winch Line Stoppers reduce wear and tear on winch cables and ropes as well as eliminate trail rattle while riding. Our line stopper also stops pulling the clevis hook in too far, protecting the winch motor and gears in the process.

- Solid rubber design
- Designed to work with cables up to 1/4 inch in diameter
Not for use when plowing
- Actual measurements : 2 ½” (H) x 2" (Dia)

1 Piece Vs 2 Piece... 
1 piece requires a blank rope end to thread through the hole of the stopper. This may require you to remove the line to thread it on. 

2 Piece can be added at any point and does not require any threading as it splits and bolts back together around the line. If your line is already installed with a hook end... You should get the 2 piece.