Winch in/out flush mount switch for Honda Pioneer.

Switch Type

New product.

Prewired Winch In/Out switch designed for the Honda Pioneer 1000,700,500 and Honda Talon 1000 R/X/X4/R4 and other units. 

  • 3ft contactor controls wires easily reach anywhere under the hood of your Pioneer.
  • 20" power and ground wires. 
  • Wire loom protected. 
  • Lights are always on when the switch has power. 
  • Spade piggyback connectors will be sent unless otherwise selected. 
Standard VS Premium switch. 
  • Premium switches are Carling brand switches direct from OTRATTW. They precisely fit panels made to Carling specs. They are of higher quality and built to survive the harshest conditions you can throw at them.
  • Standard switches are your basic switch found on eBay or Amazon. They may not fit panels made to exact Carling specs. 

*Standard and Premium kits are not interchangeable as harnesses are different. 

Standard: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White
Premium: Red, Blue, Green, Amber, White

*Custom wiring arrangements available upon request.